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Petal Healthcare is established in January 2015 with a vision to give all the human beings the cure by the nature (ayurveda).The organization is running to reveal the people about the power of herbs.The organization is manufacturing classical and patent medicines with the combination of latest technology,ayurvedic expertise and the latest researches done by various experts of this field.The medicines are prepared in 100 % hygienic environment under the strict monitoring of ayurvedic technical experts.

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Products are Natural and Ayurvedic.


Ayurvedic medicine evolved in India, and is considered to be the world's oldest healthcare system. It is named for the Sanskrit word Ayurveda, meaning the "science of life." If that sounds like an all-encompassing definition, it is. Ayurvedic medicine is entirely holistic. Ayurvedic medicine is India's healthcare system.

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Ayurveda is the system of traditional medicine prevalent in India since 2000 B.C. Ayurveda means the "science of life". Ayurveda derives medicine from Nature.Ayurveda is a form of treatment by natural remedies, which makes use of the power of nature to restore human beings to a state of balance.

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Ayurvedic oil has been relied upon for thousands of years as a fundamental part of Ayurveda. Oil is traditionally used in Ayurvedic healing in a variety of ways including raw consumption, cooking, massage, bathing, gargling, basti (colon nourishment) and nasya (nasal passage nourishment).

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Catering to the needs of the clients, we provide well-formulated Ayurvedic Syrups. Our Ayurvedic Syrups are formulated hygienically under the supervision of experts. Known for their effective actions, our Ayurvedic Syrups are widely appreciated by the clients. Medically approved, our Ayurvedic Syrups are safe for consumption.

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